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USANA Health Sciences was founded in 1992. They are commonly known as one of the leading pharmaceutical grade vitamin and supplement companies around. Their focus is to develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products, and are an internationally known company. USANA's reputation for unmatched quality (FDA registered pharmaceutical grade manufacturing plant), safety, and purity/potency. The difference is the purity/potency in their products. 100% of the products listed are in the bottle and absorbed to the bloodstream within 30 minutes. USANA is also NSF "Certified for Sport" and used my many professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, PGA, and NCAA. USANA is the sole provider of nutritional supplements to the women's tennis association. For more information on USANA and their products or for our PREFERRED CUSTOMERS to shop and receive discounted prices, please visit our USANA page at


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Absolutely wonderful experience! I can't convey how easy Dr. Sterchi made my visit..I've always been nervous about going to see a chiropractor but have always wanted glad I did and that I went to Sterchi chiropractic!! Thanks so much Dr. Sterchi :)"
    Tammmy P. - Yorkville, IL
  • "I injured my back in July of 2009. Because my back was not getting better on its own I went to physical therapy for six weeks about six months after the injury. At that time I had muscle pain and tightness in my mid and lower back. The PT did not seem to help so I just dealt with the pain and stiffness for another year. I finally decided to go to Sterchi Chiropractic for an evaluation. They found some arthritis and degeneration. Nothing too severe. I had Chiropractic Treatments, Massages, and was taught several core exercises. After 6 weeks of treatment there I feel up to about 90%. The exercises to strengthen core muscles are the key. I think that this approach was better than regular PT. Thank you Sterchi Chiropractic."
    David M.